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The Cotton Pickin’ Fair

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  1. As a reminder, applications may be submitted electronically or by mail but should arrive well in advance of the date of the event as our jury process is continuous. Applicants are selected throughout the year to participate in either the May or October Festivals. (Applications submitted within 60 days of the event will be considered to fill cancellations or specific merchandising needs of the upcoming event.
  2. Submit 5 photographs. All photographs become the property of Cotton Pickin’ Fairs, Inc. and will not be returned.
    1. One (1) photograph of applicant at work on art or craft. Include artist and show work-in-progress.
    2. Three (3) close-up photographs of product
    3. One (1) photograph of your merchandising effort (typical product display).

Name of Applicant

Name of Co-Applicant: Type "none" if there is no Co-Applicant.

Business Name

Your Email

Include 5 (five) photographs of your work.
Photographs become the property of Cotton Pickin’ Fairs, Inc. and will not be returned.
-3 close-up photographs of your craft/art/gourmet food
-1 of close-up your display
-1 of applicant with work-in-progress
(File size limit is 1 MB for uploads. If you don't know how to reduce the size of your files, please email them to

Submit online by clicking the "SUBMIT" button below.

Thank you for applying to the Cotton Pickin’ Fair. Please email us at to make sure your application has been received.


18830 Hwy 85, Gay, GA 30218
Directions to fairgrounds.


Adult (13 – 64) $10
Senior (65+) $9
Active Duty Military $9
Children (7 – 12) $5
Children (under 7) Free

No pets, please, for the safety and comfort of all our guests.


Parking is free and on a first come, first parked basis.


Gates are open
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sat & Sun

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