The Cotton Pickin’ Fair

Exhibitor Guidelines and Application

  1. Applications may be submitted electronically or by mail but should arrive well in advance of the date of the event as our jury process is continuous.  Applicants are selected throughout the year to participate in either the May or October Festivals.  (Applications submitted within 60 days of the event will be considered to fill cancellations or specific merchandising needs of the upcoming event.
  2. Submit 5 photographs. All photographs become the property of Cotton Pickin’ Fairs, Inc. and will not be returned.
    1. One (1) photograph of applicant at work on art or craft. Include artist and show work-in-progress.
    2. Three (3) close-up photographs of product
    3. One (1) photograph of your merchandising effort (typical product display).
  3. Art/Craft/Gourmet Food items offered for sale must be made by the applicant.
  4. Prints offered by artists may not exceed 50% of offering. Original art must meet or exceed 50% of offerings.
  5. Antique specialists are not allowed to sell crafts or reproductions in their booths.
  6. Applications for packaged food shall include a copy of a current certificate accepted by the State of Georgia and valid during The Cotton Pickin’ Fair (U.S.D.A., State Department of Agriculture and State Health Department Inspection Certificated are generally acceptable.)
  7. Children’s activity applicants shall provide a certificate of insurance made to Cotton Pickin’ Fairs, Inc.
  8. Only handmade crafts are permitted. Crafts made from kits are not acceptable.
  9. Applicants are required to be present, full time, during the festival.
  10. Exhibitors may not sub-lease assigned booths.
  11. Twenty-five (25) nonprofit organizations provide regional southern foods at The Cotton Pickin’ Fair; if a nonprofit organization cannot meet our needs, we may consider professional food vendors. Fees begin at $750 and include electricity and reasonable access to potable water. Vendors may apply by completing the application below.

OUR RESPONSE: Every application is considered promptly.  Call or Email the Fair office to confirm that your application was successfully submitted, 706-538-6814 or
We will let you know if your application is accepted or not.  We will also let you know if you are placed on our wait-list.

FEES: Do not send fees with your application. There are no application fees. Those invited to participate in The Cotton Pickin’ Fair will receive an invitation and agreement describing your exhibition space and financial requirements. Fees for single booths range from $180 to $255.

LOCATION: The Cotton Pickin’ Fair is approximately 39 miles south of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport and 50 miles north of Columbus on Georgia Highway 85 in the little town of Gay, GA.

FAIR DATE: The Fair is the first full weekends in May and October, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Set-up is on Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 11:30 P.M.

SITE: The Cotton Pickin’ Fair was established in 1972 by the Gay Family on its 1828 farmstead. An 1891 farmhouse, built by the town’s namesake, Judge William Franklin Gay and The 1911 Building, built by his son, J.R. Gay, anchor the unique eight (8) acres venue. Exhibition space is located in and around the farmstead’s buildings or under its beautiful trees. Outside spaces and shed spaces are located on natural ground, which may not be level.

PARKING: Exhibitor and customer parking is adjacent to the festival grounds.

Name of Applicant ..
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I am applying for:
both the May and Octoberonly the May editiononly the October edition
When applying for both the May and October editions of The Cotton Pickin’ Fair only one application is necessary.
A. Describe the work to be exhibited: (Please be specific, include all items that you wish to be juried for inclusion in your display.)

B. Write a brief resume'. Include specific previous show participation, awards, special training/education and/or interesting techniques.

C. Range of Prices for your work:
D. Do you require electricity for your display? Electricity is limited, but will be provided if possible. YesNo
E. If you answered yes, for what purpose is the electricity used?

F. Booth Preference: (Booth Locations are dependent on availability, assignments are subject to merchandising requirements of Cotton Pickin’ Fairs, Inc.; however we will attempt to honor your preferences)
Location: Inside Booth in a Building or ShedOutside Booth SpaceEither
Size: Single (10' x 10')Double (10' x 20')Other, please describe below

G. Have you ever exhibited at The Cotton Pickin' Fair? YesNo

If so, what year?
H. Do you demonstrate how your craft is made? YesNo

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Incomplete Applications cannot be considered.

Submit online by clicking the "SUBMIT" button below OR
Return your completed application by mail to:
The Cotton Pickin' Fair
P.O. Box 1, Gay, Georgia 30218


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